KF Cascade Technology

The Cleaning Cascades clean substances that are heavier than water according to the sedimentation principle. For this purpose, natural gravity is used, whereby the solid particle settles to the bottom, as it has a higher density than the process liquid (water). To improve the cleaning effect, the cascade filters are divided into several chambers, which calm turbulence caused by currents.

When designing cascade filters, it should be noted that the total volume of the cascade should be at least seven times the hourly water throughput. If the cascade is only used sporadically and for a short time, the water throughput can also be increased.


Technical specifications


Maximum Volume Liter70200
Length (A) mm623964

Width (B) mm411530
Height (C) mm494860


  • Robuste, simple and maintenance-friendly design
  • Flexible use due to a compact design
  • The process water is cirulated, which minimizes operating costs and protects the environment
  • Saving of expensive additives for the vibratory finishing process (Compound)
  • Economical and efficient separation of solid particles from a mixture

Application Areas

  • Treatment of vibratory finishing process water
  • General separation of solids from liquid mixtures
  • Process water flow in the cycle


Available equipment:

  • Pumps for process water (elecric or pneumatic)
  • Dosing pumps for Compounds
  • Dosing pumps for Flocculants
  • Trolley
  • Level sensors
  • WHG-Collection tray