TV-M Mobile Tumblers

Mobile und Universal

Trough Vibrators are characterized by their compact design for universal use. Thanks to their U-shaped work containers, very large workpieces can be machined relative to the system sizes.

Our TV Mobile is unique in that all components that are required for vibratory grinding are compact and mobile mounted on a trolley. An integrated cascade cleans the process liquid, workpieces can be separated using a strainer box and various grinding tools can be stored in slots.

  • Mobile vibratory finishing machine with integrates preparation of process liquids
  • Integrates strainer box for separating workpiece and grinding tools
  • Compact design for large work containers including sound insulation
  • Plug & Play System: Plug in the 230V power supply and get started


Technical Specification

Gross volumeLiter50
Net volumeLiter36
Total PowerkW1,0
Inside lengthmm600
Inside widthmm280
Inside heightmm325
Outside length (A)mm1450
High of the tumbler (B)mm1240
High of the table (C)mm720
Width open door (D)mm1200
Width closed door (E)mm730
Total height (F)mm1350


  • Mobile use: All components are integrated in a trolley
  • Plug & Play: For commissioning only the 230V power supply has to be plugged in
  • Quiet operation due to sound insulation
  • Integrated electrical control for process monitoring
  • Strainer device for separating workpieces and grinding tools
  • Process water treatment through an integrates filter cascade