ZS-M Mobile Centrifuges

Mobile and Powerful

There are numerous applications in industrial production in which large amounts of contaminated process fluids are produced. If these liquids are processed and circulated, costs are saved and the environment and resources are sustainably protected.

Our mobile centrifuges ZS-M are characterized by their mobility with a very compact design. The trolley makes it possible to use the centrifuge universally and locally. Thanks to the modular concept and the availability of several construction and buffer tank sizes, ZS-M centrifuges can be optimally adapted to customer-specific needs.

  • Mobile cleaning centrifuge with optional integrated tanks for process liquids
  • Plug & Play: ready for operation in just a few minutes
  • Efficient processing of process fluids through high centrifugal forces
  • PLC controlled and monitored process

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Technical Specification

Max. CapacityLiter/min7070120120
Max. Capacity of Sludge basket Liter
Rated speedRPM4160416029002900
Max. acceleration at nominal speedg2070207018101810
Engine powerkW1,51,544
Average power consumptionkW1,01,02,52,5
Internal diameter of the drummm210210380380
Dirty water tankLiter99-150-
Process water tankLiter93-100-
Total height (A)mm1330133013301330
Total width (B)mm730730980980
High of dirty water drain(C)mm840840920920
Total length (D)mm1030103013801380


  • Maximum mobility through the integration of all components on a trolley
  • Flexible use due to a compact design
  • High discharge capacity due to acceleration forces in the system of over 2000 times gravitational acceleration
  • Management of the process water in a cycle, which minimizes operating costs and protects the environment
  • Saving of expensive additives for the finishing process (compound)
  • Economical and efficient separation of solid particles from a mixture
  • Designed for continuous operation with high availability
  • Plug & Play System: ready for use in minutes
  • Clean liquids from multiple machines with just one centrifuge

Application Areas

  • Treatment of vibratory finishing process water
  • Cleaning of mixtures (suspensions and emulsions)
  • Preparation of phosphating, painting, washing and oil baths
  • Processing of cooling lubricants
  • Undersize discharge during wet blasting
  • General separation of solids from liquid mixtures
  • Cleaning of baths and storage tanks from external Systems