RA Circular Vibrators

Versatile and economical

Deburring, rounding or polishing: RA rotary vibrators are universal slide grinding machines that can be used for a wide range of applications. They offer high grinding performance and impress with their ease of use combined with high reliability. Thanks to numerous options, the machine can be configured precisely to meet the requirements.

RA round vibrators are particularly suitable for processing bulk goods in large quantities. The workpieces are reliably guided onto the built-in sieve surface thanks to the gently rising container bottom. The large sieve surface with tangential outlet ensures reliable workpiece separation and offers the option of using magnetic separators.

Application Areas:

  • Vibratory grinding and polishing of bulk goods in large quantities
  • Rust removal, descaling, deburring, rounding of components
  • Processing of various materials (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, plastic, ...)

Advantages of our RA round vibrators:

  • Round working container with an evenly and gently rising container bottom
  • Drop step for separating stuck workpieces (optionally a flowing drop step available for sensitive workpieces)
  • Highly wear-resistant, hot-cast special polyurethane protective coating for maximum service life
  • Low-maintenance and powerful vibration exciter motor with unbalances that can be adapted to the process (optionally available with adjustable unbalances for automatic ramp exposure)
  • Pneumatic flap integrated in the container for separating the workpieces
  • Tangential component discharge with large sieve area
  • Quick-change sieve plates
  • Modular system for the use of different sieve plates and separation systems (reverse separation, magnetic separation, ...)
  • Integrated process water supply concept with exchangeable drainage sieve
  • Universal attachment option for adding numerous delivery chutes
  • Drain opening for quick changing of grinding tools
  • Easily accessible service openings
  • Possibility of interlinking the system in a system park (interlinking with a rotary dryer, conveyor belts, rinsing systems, ...)

Technical specifications

Volume (gross)Liter 150 250 350 450 650 82012201550
Usable volume (net)Liter 105 175 250 310 450 550 8701100
Drive power max.kW 1,9 2,5 3 3 7 7 711
Outside diameter (A)mm11501220142014801780185020502200
Wire width (B)mm 265 285 370 400 475 490 500 575
Channel width (C)mm 230 260 330 360 440 450 460 530
Total height (D)mm11651210128013101410150017701820
Delivery height (E)mm 9501000103010401090117013701420
Height of stone outlet (F)mm 650 650 650 650 650 650 700 700