TV Trough Vibrators

Compact and Universal

Trough Vibrators are characterized by their compact design for universal use. Thanks to their U-shaped work containers very large workpieces can be machined relative to the system sizes. The vibration motor is directly attached to the underside of themachine. Our TV Vibrators impress with a good price-performance ratio and offer an ideal machine platform for a variety of applications within the surface grinding technology.

That's how it works

With trough vibrators, the workpieces and the abrasive are placed loosely in the work container as a bulk. In the case of sensitive workpieces, the components to be processed are either fixed using special clamping devices or processed in separate chambers in order to avoid damage during processing. The use of partitions also makes it possible to process completely separate batches in one machine at the same time.


  • Universally applicable in numerous application scenarios
  • Compact design for large work containers
  • Numerous accessories options
  • Particularly inexpensive even for occasional use
  • Fast change of grinding media
  • Non-contact grinding possible through partitions


Technical Specifications

TV15TV25TV45TV55TV73Larger on request
Gross volumeLiter2750115275430

Net volumeLiter183690230370

Engine PowerkW0,350,4124

Inside length(A)mm50060085012001100

Inside width(B)mm220280380480680

Inside height(C)mm270325395530650

Outside height(E)mm615615635635635


  • Scraper edge to reduce workpiece buildup on the inside of the container
  • Particularly economical even for occasional use
  • Optionally available as a version for pressure deburring and for ball polishing
  • Robust construction with a low-maintenance vibration motor. Lifetime greasing. 
  • Integrates holder for lifting and moving the machine using a pallet truck or a forklift
  • Fast container emptying and grinding tool change through a generous drain opening for grinding media
  • Quick change drain strainer made of polyurethane
  • Rubber dampened feet to reduce vibration transmission

Application Areas

  • Deburring, smoothing and polishing
  • Descaling, rust removal and cleaning
  • Edge rounding
  • Surface finishing