RT Circular Dryers

Energy-Efficient and Powerful

Since a process liquid is usually used for vibratory grinding, the workpieces are contaminated with it and should be cleaned or dried at the end of the process. Either hot air or special drying media are used to dry the components. For this purpose, the workpieces are placed in a circular container, in which there is a heated medium for drying. Nut and corn cobs are often used in rotary vibration dryers.

  • Efficient thanks to optimized heating and covers
  • Drying of components mostly in one pass
  • Universal use of different drying media
  • Spiral flat ramp
  • Protective cover and suction for dust reduction optionally available


Technical Specification

Net volumeLiter75130320600
Engine PowerkW1,61,61,92,5
Max. heating capacityKw45,21018
Outer diameter (A)mm990115016001990
Width of strainer surface (B)mm200260360430
Width of canal (C)mm215300400470
Total height* (D)mm1100110012001300
Output height* (E)mm8808809501000
Supply height* (F)mm820820900950

*custom height adjustment possible

Application Areas

  • Component drying directly after the surface grinding process
  • Polishing of components
  • Stain reduction
  • Fine machining of particularly difficult contours
  • Prevention of flash rust due to completely dried surfaces
  • Efficient drying of complex geometries