RF Circular Vibrators

Universal and economical

From deburring to rounding edges to high-gloss polishing: circular vibrators are universal vibratory grinding machines that can be used for a wide variety of applications and materials. RF circular vibrators are very universal and are ideal for particularly large or magnetic workpieces. Due to their compact design, RF circular vibrators are particularly inexpensive and therefore economical. The workpieces are usually separated manually for large components; a magnetic separator can be used for magnetic workpieces.

  • Round working container with a flat container bottom
  • Particularly wide working channel, even with a small total volume: Allows particularly large workpieces to be machined
  • Highly wear-resistant, hot-cast special polyurethane protective coating for maximum service life
  • Low-maintenance and powerful unbalance motor


Technical specifications

Volume (gross)Liter13023033043064080010601460
Drive power max.kW1,92,53377711
Outside diameter (A)mm10001200135014501650182020002200
Total height (B)mm10201090112011601225127013001320
Channel width (C)mm220270340370440470520650
Height of stone outlet (D)mm650650650650650650650650
Channel heightmm310370400440480500560600

Application Areas

  • Large components with complex geometry
  • Processing of magnetic workpieces: Discharge by means of a magnetic separator
  • Heavy components
  • Sensitive components that could be damaged by falling steps