ZS Centrifuges

Environmentally friendly and powerful

There are numerous applications in industrial production in which large amounts of contaminated process fluids are produced. If these liquids are processed and kept in a continuous cycle, costs are saved and the environment and resources are sustainably protected.

Our centrifuges with exchangeable sludge insert from the ZS series are characterized by their high cleaning performance. Thanks to the modular concept consisting of a centrifuge attachment and a base, the system can be adapted exactly to your customer needs. There is a choice of buffer tanks with different volumes for both dirty and clear water.

ZS centrifuges are particularly user-friendly because a PLC controlled system. The process water management system independently monitors fluid levels and communicates with coupled systems. With an exchangeable sludge insert, the discharged and dried solid can be disposed of economically and easily.

  • Efficient processing of process liquid through high centrifugal forces
  • Different sizes exactly suitable for your application
  • High throughput enables the simultaneous supply of several systems
  • PLC controlled and monitored cleaning process
  • Process water management


Technical specifications

Rated CapacityLiter/hour8001400
Max. Capacity of sludge basketLiter
Rated speedRPM41602900
Max. acceleration at nominal speedg20701810
Drive PowerkW1,54
Average power consumptionkW1,02,5
Internal diameter of the drummm210380
Dirty water tank (SW)Liter200200
Clear water tank (KW) (optional)Liter20/40/300/50020/40/300/500
Total height (A)mm15801580
Total width (B)mm700700
Total length (C)mm17061706
Removal height sludge insert (D)mm799906
High of dirt water drain (E)mm375375


  • High discharge capacity due to acceleration forces in the system of over 2000 times gravitational acceleration (depending on model)
  • Management of the process water in a cycle, which minimizes operating costs and protects the environment
  • Saving of expensive additives for the finishing process (compound)
  • Economical and efficient separation of solid particles from a mixture
  • Designed for continuous operation with high availability
  • Complete process water management in one system (buffer storage, pressure pumps, automatic level monitoring and refilling, ...)
  • Supply of several systems simultaneously with only one ZS centrifuge by optionally available additional buffer tanks for clear water
  • Suitable for process liquids up to 70 °C (optional cooling available)

Application Areas

  • Treatment of vibratory finishing process water
  • Cleaning of mixtures (suspensions and emulsions)
  • Preparation of phosphating, painting, washing and oil baths
  • Processing of cooling lubricants
  • Preparation of cooling liquids from saws, milling machines and lathes
  • General separation of solids from liquid mixtures