Special Media

Special measures are required for special surface requirements.

Various special media offer numerous process operations to process surfaces effectively. From pressure deburring to high-gloss polishing, there are numerous options.

special media:

  • Adhesion-Separating-Balls
  • Wood granulate and wooden media
  • steel media


Adhesion-Separating-Balls prevent flat workpieces from sticking (e.g. washers, sheet metal components).

The separating balls are available as glass beads (G), acrylic glass beads (AG) or plastic beads (KU). The separating balls are filtered out together with the process liquid and the abrasion by a waste water treatment plant (e.g. centrifuge).



Wood is relatively gentle and causes only minor wear and tear on the workpieces. Impregnated with polishing paste, they ensure a beautiful and even surface. Wood can also be used as a desiccant.

The polishing bodies are made from different types of wood, with hardwoods such as oak, beech or maple being the most commonly used due to their high density and hardness. Hardwoods are also characterized by their longevity and a good price-performance ratio. The high density allows the use of polishing agents and grinding additives. Hardwood is gentler than ceramic or steel media, making it ideal for delicate surfaces.

Softwoods such as pine, spruce and birch are very absorbent and well suited for de-oiling and drying. Depending on the application, softwood can also be mixed with corn granulate.

Wood is a natural product and therefore environmentally friendly and harmless in terms of occupational safety. The natural ingredients are responsible for an absolutely compatible and gentle drying of the workpieces.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Inexpensive alternative
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low erosion
  • Ideal for delicate surfaces

Steel media

Stainless steel balls and satellites are ideal for pressure deburring and mirror polishing. Due to the high density, special vibratory finishing systems (ball polishing version) are usually necessary.