Compounds and Flocculant

Compounds are special chemicals in liquid or powder form that are used in mass finishing technology.

They improve the grinding performance and increase the surface quality of the workpieces. Compounds have different functions depending on their composition and area of application. They can improve the lubricity of the grinding medium, increase the abrasiveness and clean and polish the workpiece surface.

Choosing the right compound depends on various factors. Influencing factors are the material, the grinding medium, the desired result and the corrosion protection requirements. Compounds are an important component and make a significant contribution to the effectiveness and quality of the grinding process.

Overview of compounds:

  • liquid compounds
  • polishing pastes and powders
  • flocculant

Liquid Compound

When mixed with water during the vibratory finishing process, compounds absorb the wear and tear that occurs on the workpieces. They support the drainage of the polluted water, as well as the treatment in centrifuges or other treatment systems.

Through different additives in the compound, cleaning, passivation and brightening of the workpieces can be achieved.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Very good water solubility
  • can be dosed automatically with dosing pumps
  • protection against corrosion
  • degreasing and cleaning

Compound Powder

Powdery compounds are valuable helpers in the vibratory finishing process that offer a multitude of advantages. They not only increase the grinding performance, but also support the degreasing and cleaning of the workpieces. In addition, under certain conditions, they can also be used for polishing.



Flocculants are an important tool to improve the effectiveness of cleaning performance and grinding performance.

They are added to bind and sediment fine grinding particles and abrasion products. The dosage depends on different factors, such as the amount of grinding debris or the type of workpiece. Flocculants increase the cleaning performance and prevent water turbidity. They improve the discharge of fats, oils, metal debris and solids in centrifuges.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Prevent water cloudiness
  • Improve cleaning and degreasing
  • Binds abrasion products