Spare Parts

Do you urgently need a spare part for your system? By stocking the majority of all wear and spare parts, we can supply you with a replacement as quickly as possible.

Exchange Container (Polyurethane-coated steel construction)

Since vibratory grinding systems are subject to very high abrasion, the polyurethane coating in your system is a wear part. The end of the service life is marked as soon as the protective layer is sanded through and the steel of the construction becomes visible. If you recognize these signs in your system, do not hesitate and have the protective coating retreaded by us to avoid further damage.

To reduce your downtime to a minimum, we offer the service of an exchange container: We will send you a new container with a new, highly wear-resistant polyurethane protective coating and you will send the old container back to us after assembling the components that can still be used. Your worn container will be checked by us and, if it can be used, professionally reprocessed to be available to the exchange system for the next use.