RM Circular Vibrators

Versatile and efficient 

From deburring to rounding edges up to polishing: RM Circular Vibrators are universal mass finishing machines that can be used for a wide variety of work pieces and finishing objectives. They offer a high level of efficiency and impress with their ease of use combined with high reliability. Our RM Circular Vibrators are particularly suitable for fine grinding and polishing workpieces that place high demands on the desired surface. The special system construction makes it possible to achieve perfect surfaces even in hard-to-reach places such as corners or inner contours. With a high level of reproducibility and a uniform grinding pattern, RM Circular Vibrators offer maximum process safety and reliability.

  • Varied use thanks to a work container without a central dome
  • Homogeneous and uniformly grinding pattern
  • Particularly suitable for hard-to-reach places and difficult geometries
  • Grinding, polishing and high-gloss compaction possible in one machine thanks to the adjustable motor configuration


Technical Specifications

Gross volumeLiter145165260650
Net volumeLiter130150240610
Total width (A)mm1260126016002100
Internal diameter (C)mm6206207501050
Total high (D)mm1075114012001350
Output high (E)mm530530530530

Application Areas

  • Grinding, polishing and high-gloss compaction of aluminum components
  • Polishing of die casting molds
  • Grinding and polishing of medical implants
  • Smoothing of wrought forms and turbine blades
  • Deburring of complex component geometries
  • Numerous other possible applications thanks to a process tailored to customer needs


  • Consistent and reproducible processing quality of the grinding and polishing results
  • Homogeneous and uniformly grinding pattern
  • Possibility to maintain difficult workpiece contours
  • Best results even in difficult places
  • Possibility of non-contact grinding of several workpieces in one work container
  • Designed for continuous operation even in 24-hour operation
  • Semi-automatic operation possible through electronic process control