TS Trough Vibrators

Powerful and Universal             

Trough Vibrators are characterized by their compact design and are universally applicable. Thanks to their U-shaped work container, very large workpieces can be machined relative to the system sizes. TS-Vibrators differ from our TV-Vibrators in the design and mounting of the drive engines. This makes it possible to build particularly large and powerful Trough Vibrators. 

  • Particularly powerful thanks to an extra large work container
  • Powerful vibration motors attached at the front
  • Suitable for processing oversized components
  • Applicable for numerous special processes
  • Possibility of batch grinding with chambers


Technical Specification

Gross volumeLiter3505508001200155017002250
Net volumeLiter240380550900118013001770
Engine PowerkW334661012
Inside length (B)mm1750175025202520332025203320
Inside width (C)mm420550550650650850850
Inside height (D)mm530630630790790890890
PUR layer thicknessmm18202025252525


  • Scraper edge to reduce buildup on the inside of the container
  • Wide range of applications thanks to an undivided work container
  • Suitable for processing XXL components
  • Partition systems for dividing the work container into chambers are optionally available
  • Particularly large work containers with high usable volumes available
  • Optionally available as a version for pressure deburring and ball polishing
  • Non-contact component processing possible using clamping systems