RS Circular Vibrators

Universal and Economical

From deburring to rounding edges up to polishing: Circular Vibrators are universal mass finishing machines that can be used for a wide variety of work pieces and finishing objectives. They offer a high level of efficiency and impress with their ease of use. RS Circular Vibrators can be used flexibly both as a single device and within automated production lines. They are ideal for bulk goods and are highly efficient due to their integrated extra-long separation zone.

  • Round container with central dome
  • Flat ramp rising by 180 degrees
  • Extra long separators built into the tank with a straight outlet
  • Integrated flap for separation
  • Low maintenance unbalance motor
  • Universally adaptable and changeable slides


Our RS circular vibrators are perfectly matched for a variety of applications and have the following technical features:

  • Round container with a ramp that rises evenly and flatly over 180 degrees
  • Extra-long, integrated separation zone with straight component outlet
  • Protective polyurethane coating for long service life
  • Integrated flap for separation 
  • Modular system for the use of various strainer plates and separation system (Reverse separators, Magnetic separators, …)
  • Integrates process water management concept with quick-change drain filter
  • Low maintenance, excitable vibration motor
  • Easily accessible service openings
  • Universal attachment option for attaching numerous delivery chutes
  • Drain opening for quick change of grindstones
  • Standard strainer bores to avoid grinding media jammed in the strainer

Technical Specifications


Gross volumeLiter2203003804508001200
Net volumeLiter110160210260490720
Engine PowerkW1,61,61,92,57,57,5
Outside diameter (A)mm100011701300160019002100
Width of the strainer (B)mm230265265290350450
Width of the canal (C)
Total height (D)mm100011001100130015001700
Output height (E)mm900950950110012501400

Application Areas

  • Deburring, Grinding, Polishing und Refining a multitude of workpieces and materials of different geometries
  • Cleaning of casting molds and forged components
  • Rust and slag removal
  • Economical processing of large quantities as bulk goods